“Faith is one of the most gifted body workers I have ever met. Her intuitive awareness combines beautifully with her vast training in the body and movement. She listens and responds in the moment with her hands and heart and as a result is able to cultivate a deep shift towards balance. Faith is my all time favorite massage therapist.” -E. Rainey

“Faith is an excellent massage therapist. Her deep knowledge of the body allows her to understand how to help people with many types of injuries. Her massage treatments helped me recover from a broken shoulder when physical therapy alone was not working. In addition to technical excellence, Faith has a demeanor that is peaceful and soothing, and I recommend her highly.” -E. Harris

“I have had experience with Faith in two different ways. First, as an instructor at the Brian Utting School of Massage. In that role, she was teaching some difficult concepts about balance, space and being open hearted. Not easy concepts to explain, and even harder to convey in a manner that we could actually experience them. She always did a superb job of both…..and I am a better person for her sharing her knowledge and wisdom.

In addition, I have received bodywork from Faith. All I can say is that she is true master at her work – intuitive, effective and caring. The memory of her work is still clear in my mind, and made me aspire to both take better care of my beleagured body and also inspired me to want to be more like her. She is so present and accessible to everyone.

I highly recommend Faith to anyone who desires to learn about themselves and to work with a partner in receiving world class bodywork and spiritual growth.”  -H. Queen


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