Big Changes

I am no longer accepting new clients and have reduced my practice to one day a week.

Over twenty years ago I received my massage license and it has been a fantastic and rewarding livelihood. The best part has been my clients.  I have worked with amazing people and gotten to be a part of so many healing journeys.

Over the last few years I have fallen in love with agriculture.  The cattle, pigs, compost, soil, plants and community at Midnight’s Farm have increasingly drawn my attention and creativity.  I recently applied for and have been offered the Agriculture Resource Council co-ordinator position for San Juan County.  My decision to accept this position has further swung my center of gravity into the world of farming and away from bodywork.  I am not ready to let go of massage  but will be reducing my practice to one day a week and will no longer be accepting new clients.

If you have seen me before and want to schedule you can call me at home x3269.  I am no longer going to have online scheduling and will do my best to fit folks in.

We have great practitioners on Lopez and if you are looking for a session sooner than I can accommodate please try one of the following:

  • Nikola Chopra 360-468-3269 My partner in the Treehouse. After years of practicing Jin Shin Jyitsu and teaching yoga Nikola has gotten her massage license.  I am super excited for her to bring her considerable knowledge of the body and her healing energy to her new massage practice.
  • Healing Energy Arts of Lopez (HEAL) 360-468-4842 There are fantastic therapists at HEAL.  I have received work from all of them.  Check out their website.




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